Published: Northwest Signal, Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Editor’s note: This year marks the 180th anniversary of Napoleon. To mark the occasion, the Henry County Historicla Society is providing monthly looks at the city’s history.

(Reprinted with permission of the Northwest Signal)

Goosetown WomanToday’s look back at Napoleon’s history involves Goosetown, or as it is known today, East Riverdowns. Something you may not have known, Goosetown was the original plat of Napoleon. And yes, there were geese and ducks in the area. Napoleon/Goosetown was located on the left bank of the canal and became the most thrifty and enterprising city on the Maumee, according to Samuel Edwards. People like Joseph Rostetter and Ola Hess grew up in Goosetown, got married by Mayor Rieger in Goosetown, and settled in Goosetown. Goosetown also had its own newspaper, The Goosetown Growler. James B. Hudson was the editor and publisher, seeing to it that the paper was published “every once in a while.” While Hudson enjoyed keeping the spirit of Goosetown alive and well with his publication, he also owned a gun shop. (Information courtesy of Russ Patterson.) (Photos courtesy of the Henry County Historical Society)

Geese(Information courtesy of Russ Patterson and the Henry County Historical Society.)