Liberty Township

Liberty Center in 1888 was a flourishing village with a population between five and six hundred. It was the second village in the county to become incorporated, and took advantage of its corporate franchise to secure good sidewalks, streets and drainage. It was located in sections twenty-five and thirty-six of the original surveyed township, was a railroad and telegraph station on the Wabash, had the third best post office in the county and a printing office from which the Liberty Press was issued weekly.

The village had a good hotel, a livery stable, a hardware store, a drug store, three dry goods stores, several saloons and restaurants, several fine brick blocks, and the mechanical artists usual to all villages. A handsome roller process grist-mill was a considerable attraction to the trade of the village, and a saw mill furnished a market for the few trees which remained for timber. It had four churches, one Methodist Episcopal, one German Reformed, one United Brethren and one Seventh Day Adventist.

Reprinted from Henry County, Ohio. A Collection of Historical Sketches and Family Histories Compiled by Members and Friends of The Henry County Historical Society, Volume I. Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX, 1976.

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