2019-2020 Henry County Historical Society Committees

Currently, there are 10 committees, but the Governing and Nominating Committees are active only on an ad hoc basis, and for short periods of time. If you are interested in joining a committee contact us today!

Dr. John Bloomfield Home & Carriage House Museum Committee
Committee Chair: Lois Hanna
Committee Members: Rose Wiemken, Laura Lause, Judi Cotter, Janice Knepley, Sharon Feller

This committee is in charge of special events planning, preparation, and execution of events at the HCHS’s main museum including: teas, luncheons, and dinners as well as decorating for Christmas and other special occasions.

Dr. John Bloomfield Home & Carriage House Museum Building & Grounds Committee 
Committee Chair: Rose Wiemken Committee Members: Jean Bremer, Tom Jenny, Joan Borstelman
This committee cares for the beautiful landscape and exterior and interior repairs and maintenance of the large Queen Anne Victorian home.

Nathaniel Hartman Log Home Committee 
Committee Chair: Taylor Moyer & Allison Repass
Committee Members: Ashley Moyer, Katie Spangler, Kristin Balazs, Tyler Burg
This committee manages special events planning, preparation, and an execution of events at the HCHS’s log home. This includes building displays, providing tours, as well as decorating for Christmas and other special occasions.

1897 Emmanuel One-room Schoolhouse Committee 
Committee Chair: Jean Keller 
Committee Members: Cathy Hefflinger, Rodger Hefflinger, Taylor Moyer
This committee handles special events planning, preparation, and an execution of events at the HCHS’s one room school. This includes building displays, and providing tours during the Henry County Fair.

Henry County Fair Building & Grounds Committee 
Committee Members: Tom Jenny, Peggy Johnson, Phil Johnson, Lois Hanna, Taylor Moyer, Allison Repass, Ashley Moyer  
This committee oversees the HCHS’s large historic complex at the Henry County Fairgrounds. Together the committee maintains the landscape, interior and exterior of the buildings, and manages lawn care and other needs during the Henry County Fair and the Napoleon Fall Fest.

Living History Committee
Committee Chair: Taylor Moyer
Committee Members: Allison Repass, Mike Balazs, Tyler Burg, Ashley Moyer
This committee oversees the planning of special living history events or re-enactments at all the HCHS sites. This committee is made of members who dress in historically authentic attire, provide educational programming, and demonstrations at HCHS sites and other off site locations as well.

Governing Committee 
Committee Chair: Laura Lause
This committee insures the Board of Trustees and all members adhere to and follow the HCHS By-laws and Constitution as specifically written and instructed.

Preservation Committee 
Committee Chair: Austin Patrick
Committee Members
This committee currently needs members. Please contact us today if you are interested in helping!
This committee manages all certificates of gifts, donor forms, accession of artifacts, and storage of all collections in the HCHS possession. This includes the Bloomfield, Carriage House, Schoolhouse, Log House, Ag Building, and Smoke House.

Education Committee
Committee Chair: Jean Steele
Committee Members: Jackie Moyer, Sue Bockelman
This committee is responsible for the development of educational materials, tours, and oversees the oral histories. The HCHS has acquired fantastic oral histories from area residents throughout Henry County, Ohio. Anyone who is willing to interview or transcribe the interviews is encouraged to contact the HCHS.

Nominating Committee 
Committee Chair: Taylor Moyer
This committee seeks out and finds nominees for the Board as needed. (All positions are currently filled.)

Finance Committee
 Committee Chair: Sue Bockelman, Tom Jenny
This committee oversees the HCHS’s funds, banking, and other expenditures.

The following are not committees.

HCHS Website Management
Webmaster: Jim Rebar
Editor: Taylor Moyer

HCHS Facebook Management
Taylor Moyer, Tom Jenny, Austin Patrick

HCHS Newsletter (Henry’s Attic)
Editor & Chief: Jackie Moyer

Correspondence Secretary 
 Judi Cotter 

The HCHS wishes to thank all of our volunteers who help make these committees work and function! 

P.O. Box 443, Napoleon, OH 43545

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