Henry County Historical Society Preservation Administrative Guideline

Each HCHS facility will have a primary time period focus. Artifacts, reflecting these time periods, will be displayed and used in those facilities. The main focus of the HCHS museum facilities will be:

  • Hartman Log Home – 1800-1878
  • Dr. John Bloomfield Home – 1879-1930
  • Immanuel School House – one half depicting a one room school 1880-1930 and one-half housing open time period and eclectic collections of artifacts
  • Carriage House Museum – Open time period and eclectic collections of artifacts

These time periods serve as the primary focus of these museums buildings. Each house and display artifacts the support these dedicated time periods and the purpose of the HCHS. Each facility will also be used to display other collections or represent other decades if they are historically or socially significant, linked to Henry County, and best represent something from that decade.

Acceptance of artifacts
A.) Artifacts will be accepted on the following basis:
1. Must be from Henry County or Northwest Ohio or historically significant to the State of Ohio or the Nation.
2. There should be documentation, a story, or family connections to the artifact and expressed in the Deed of Gift.
3. Artifacts will be kept as a part of our collection, in the highest priority, if they are maintainable, do not duplicate another artifact, and have a significant local story behind them.

B.) The process of accepting an artifact will be as follows:
1. Any trustee or site chairperson may accept the artifact from the donor by filling out the Deed of Gift.
2. Complete the donation checklist.
3. Research and accession list for any duplicates
4. Review item with a member of the house committee, schoolhouse, or log home to see if they want to keep it.
5. The Board of Trustees will be given a monthly acquisition list submitted by the Preservation Committee.
6. In the case of disputed items, the above information shall be put in front of the trustees for a vote of acceptance.

Disposition of Artifacts
A.) Artifacts will be disposed of based on the following criteria:
1. The donor signed the Deed of Gift indicating they do not want the item returned if no longer maintained by the HCHS. If the donor signed the Deed of Gift stating they want the artifact back in the event it is no longer to be kept in the HCHS possession they will be contacted.
2. The physical condition of the artifact is no longer maintainable.
3. There are two or more identical or very similar artifacts. The society will keep the one with the greatest story or tie to Henry County regardless of condition unless it is in such a state that it cannot be maintained.

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