Available for sale are Henry County, Ohio, Vol. 1, 2, and 3. These books are a collection of historical sketches and family histories, compiled by members and friends of the Henry County Historical Society. Please send check or money order to:

Henry County Historical Society, P. O. Box 443, Napoleon, OH 43545. Click HERE to learn how these books came to be published.

Publication Price Postage
Henry County, Ohio, Vol. 1. Brief history of Henry County and the townships, and histories of people and places which have contributed to the development of Henry County. First published in 1976 by the Historical Society, reprinted in 2007 on acid-free paper. 496 pages. $65.00 $5.00
Henry County, Ohio, Vol. 2. General history of Henry County; individual histories of the townships; and general photographs. 428 pages. Published in 1976. $45.00
Henry County, Ohio, Vol. 3. General photographs, Henry County Historical Society articles of general county interest, updates and corrections for Vol. I and II; family histories; business pages; complete index to all 3 volumes. 352 pages. First published in 1979 by the the Historical Society, reprinted in 1998 on acid-free paper. $55.00 $5.00

As a courtesy to our visitors, we are publishing on this web site the index to these books. The biographical index includes only Volumes I and III; an index was never done for Volume II. The topical index covers all three volumes.

Biographical Index Topical Index

P.O. Box 443, Napoleon, OH 43545

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