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Texas, Ohio

by Lura Durbin Rittenburg

Texas, Ohio, was once the principal village of Washington Township, and is one of the oldest in Henry County. It was given the name of Texas, because it was in that year of 1845 that the great state of Texas was admitted to the Union. This is also the year that Durbin bought the land.

It is beautifully situated on the north side of the Miami and Erie Canal and on the north bank of the Maumee River. A ravine runs around the north and west sides, so that the town plots lie high and dry. (Continued below)

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The outlet lock of the twenty-four mile level of the canal was at this place and the slack water in the Maumee River caused by the dam at Providence near Grand Rapids, Ohio. It gives the river a greater depth and width from Texas on east. A public ferry was used to connect the banks and the expense was paid by the county. On July 22, 1909, this ferry was sold by the commissioners to Theodore Wagner for $75.00 and Mr. Wagner ran it as a toll ferry. Men who have acted as ferrymen are as follows: 1849, William Kiterman, who drowned while drunk; 1849-1878, Daniel Kerstetter (This ferry was a pole and toll ferry.); 1879, G. W. Long (It became a free cable ferry at this time and the county paid the wages and took care of the cable and boat.); William Bellinger was a ferryman at this time; 1879-1881, Jacob Hardy; 1881-1883, William Bellinger again became ferryman; 1883-1886, Martin Winover; 1888-1909, J. J. Hardy.

The ferry at this period averaged thirty rigs a day and wore out three flat boats. It ferried anything that ever traveled the highways, including threshing machines and livestock.

When John Houts' funeral was held, there were 106 rigs ferried across the Maumee. The funeral was held at Westhope and the burial was at the Colton cemetery.

On Sundays and holidays there were 50 to 75 rigs ferried across each day.

The village of Texas was first recorded on April 2, 1849, by James Durbin the proprietor. A monument with James Durbin's name on it was erected near "Bad Creek" on Route 24 and it still stands there today.

The Durbin family was of Scotch and Irish descent and settled here after coming from the State of Maryland. James Durbin was a lawyer but after coming to Ohio during the 1830's, he became a contractor on the Maumee and Erie Canal, and he was also an engineer.....Read more

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The Henry County Historical Society was formed in 1970 to perpetuate the history of Henry County, Ohio, to learn about and preserve the artifacts of the county, and to generate interest in the past of the county. Our primary focus at this time is the completion of the restoration work on the beautiful Dr. John Bloomfield Victorian home, built circa 1879. This house is located at the corner of West Clinton and Webster streets in downtown Napoleon, across from the Napoleon Public Library. The house has been completely restored and is decorated with authentic period furnishings. Work is in progress on the carriage house and gardens. The home is open for special events, educational programs and private tours. We welcome new and old members alike to lend a hand and help us in our many programs and activities.

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